bePractical DIY Courses

bePractical DIY is a new project based in South Bristol; an opportunity to learn DIY at your own pace. Basically, we run hands-on DIY courses aimed at anyone and everyone.

If you want to learn some practical skills and build your DIY confidence, this is the place to come

Why bother learning DIY?

Do you want to save yourself some money? 

Have you been struggling to find a Tradesperson to carry out some tasks in your home?

Have you felt that you ought to be able to carry out some of these tasks yourself but don’t have the tools, experience or confidence to know where to start?

Would you like to learn how to do these kinds of tasks, and build your confidence, so that you take on more jobs in your own home?


If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then maybe learning some useful DIY skills is for you. 

What you will learn with bePractical ….

Our DIY workshops to teach you the DIY skills you need and give you the confidence to have a go yourself.

The DIY courses will be very much hands-on. Lots of opportunity to practise to try out different DIY tools and find the ones which work for you – Try before you buy.

We want to create a safe learning environment where you can learn to feel comfortable using tools. You will gain the confidence to build your own Tool Kits at home.

We will explore different practical options available to you, so that you feel comfortable when you need to problem-solve issues. We have made lots of mistakes ourselves over the years. We want you to learn from those mistakes, so that you don’t make them yourselves.

We will introduce you to new practical techniques and encourage you to find your own ways of doing things.

Our DIY courses are all about building your confidence, so that you feel able to take on DIY & practical tasks at home.

What our customers say….

Looking for a Present Idea?

Why not get that perfect present for that person who already has everything?

A bePractical DIY Gift Voucher

A chance for them to learn those practical skills that they're always talking about...

The Gift Vouchers are redeemable against all our DIY Courses and DIY Clubs, and are available in many different values

Finding bePractical DIY Workshop

bePractical DIY Workshop is in Brislington Village

It is currently cunningly hidden behind the large  scaffolding installation surrounding Gilton House, on Brislington Hill. Head towards St Peter’s Hospice Shop, and you will see bePractical just on the left, behind the scaffolding.  ///