DIY Plumbing Workshops

Price: £65

Duration: Half Day

Mending a Kitchen Waste

There are so many interesting things to learn about DIY plumbing at home, we have decided to divide our DIY Plumbing Workshops into a series of modules. Each module will follow on from the skills learnt in the previous DIY plumbing modules.

Our basic Plumbing DIY courses are designed to develop skills & confidence through hands-on experience, so the earlier modules will concentrate on more  basic plumbing skills, and the later modules will introduce more complicated plumbing issues.

We currently have two DIY Plumbing modules running:

What’s included?

  • All tools & materials
  • Tea, coffee & soft drinks
  • There will be a lunchbreak & short comfort breaks throughout the day. Please feel free to bring snacks/food with you

Important Information

We will provide you with the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), however, we would strongly recommend that you wear old clothes and strong shoes for the session. This is a practical, hands-on DIY course.
Please see our Workshop terms and conditions, for more information.

Beginners Plumbing Skills


The aim of bePractical’s Beginners’ Plumbing workshop is to give you an understanding of how modern plumbing works. You will learn some essential plumbing skills.

Plumbing issues can cause expensive long term problems. Learning how to identify them, and deal with them quickly will save you money. 

Leaks in pipework can lead to rotten joists & floors or damgaed ceilings; a dripping tap will waste water, and if you are on a meter, cost you money; 

The first rule of any DIY plumbing is to know how to isolate your water supply.

We will show you how to identify where there are potential isolation issues within your own home, and show you how to rectify them.

You will also get to work with, and understand different types of plumbing pipework, fittings & tools. 

This a thoroughly hands-on DIY workshop, which will teach you good practice and explain how plumbing works. You may not even get wet!

We recommend that you complete this course before you attend any of our other DIY Plumbing workshops, as you will the essential basics on this course needed for later courses.

As with all our workshops, we want you to end the day with greater understanding and confidence.

This is a half-day Course

Taps, Traps & Wastes

(Module 2)

Building on the essential DIY plumbing skills in Module 1, we lead you onto the world of taps.

We’ll show you how they work, how to install them, decommission them & repair and replace them. 

Then we will move onto wastes and traps. If your tap is working, then you definitely want your wastes and traps to be working as well.

You’ll learn how to identify different types of trap, how to take them apart, and remove blockages

This another hands-on DIY workshop, which will teach you good practice and explain how taps, traps & wastes work. 

As with all our workshops, we want you to end the day with greater understanding and confidence.

This is a half-day Course

The Excitement of Toilets

(Module 3)

In Module 3, we’ll move onto toilets. Love or hate ’em, they are a pretty essential part of lives. However, they do often go wrong.

We’ll show you some of the common issues that you may need to know about, (we can feel the excitement building already), such as:

  • Cisterns - different types, how they work & how to repair them
  • Flush & Fill Valves - and the common issues they cause
  • Wobbly Toilet Seats - the bane of our lives. Learn how to install & fix them
  • Leaks - how to identify, avoid & solve them.

As with all our practical DIY workshops, this will be very hands-on. You will get to use plumbing tools and fittings, so that you feel confident to deal with issues at home.

This is a half-day Course

Home Heating Essentials

(Module 4)

In Module 4 we turn our attention to your heating system.

Understanding your current heating setup and how to make efficient upgrades could save you money in the long run. From replacing sludged-up radiators to installing modern smart heating controls this course aims to give you the knowledge to make decisions about how you heat your home.

During the course we will cover:

  • How a Combi Boiler works & needs to be maintained
  • When to replace radiators & how to choose replacements
  • How to drain, take off & refit radiators for decorations
  • How to identify issues with radiator valves.
  • An introduction to Smart Heating Controls & zoning your Central Heating

We will also talk about planning for loft extensions and questions about whether installing underfloor heating (UFH) may be right for your property. 

This is a half-day Course

Find bePractical DIY Workshop

There is free parking to the rear of our DIY workshop, accessed from Glenarm Walk. What Three Words: ///gosh.calls.straw

Access to the the bePractical DIY Workshop is via the front door, in the  Brislington Hill parade of shops. The shop has been been cunningly hidden behind the large  scaffolding installation currently surrounding Gilton House. Head towards St Peter’s Hospice Shop, and you will see  bePractical just on the left, behind the scaffolding.  ///


Getting to bePractical DIY Courses by Public Transport
by Bus

X39/39 – Bristol Bus Station  to Bath City Centre (via Temple Meads)
96  –  Hengrove Park to Brislington Sq/West Town Lidl
178 –  Bristol to Radstock
349 – Bristol Bus Station to Keynsham (via Temple Meads)
435 –  Bristol to Keynsham
514 –  Brislington
668 – Bristol to Peasedown St John
A4 –    Airdecker (Bristol Airport to Bath)

Voi & Big Issue Bikes

Both can be taken to Brislington Hill