bePractical Workshops

These are some of the practical DIY workshops that bePractical are offering. Please follow the links to find out more about each individual DIY course, discover dates and book a course.

Each course has a maximum of 6 participants to ensure that all participants have plenty of time to gain hands on experience.

Beginners Plumbing

These workshops will offer an overview of modern plumbing systems & fittings. They are divided into separate modules, so that you have an opportunity to start with common issues like simple leaks, sealing around sanitary fittings, fixing wobbly toilet seats, changing taps & dealing with troublesome wastes, and then progress on to more complicated plumbing issues such as toilets, central heating etc.
The workshops are thoroughly hands-on. If you learn good practice and understand where “what bit goes where,” you may not even get wet!

Nailing it!

(Fundamental Tools & Skills )

This Half-day workshop is designed for the complete beginner, who has no experience with DIY, but wants the confidence to have a go.

We will introduce you to a range of hand tools & help you build your own tool kit. We will show you how to use a drill & a driver.

At the end of the course, you will have used your skills & knowledge to complete a small project.  This is the perfect starting place for someone who has had very little, if any, practical experience before.

Drill down into Drilling

We promise that this is a lot more exciting than it sounds. This half-day workshop, has been designed with DIY beginners in mind. It follows on directly from our Nailing it! Workshop. 

Many people find drills quite daunting. This workshop is all about building your confidence when using drills.  You will have plenty of opportunity to try out several different types, sizes and makes of drill. At the end of the workshop you will understand how we choose the right kind of drill for each Diy project. 
Above all you will feel much more confident when using a drill, and be itchign to go home and start  a DIY project of your own. 

Home Survival

This half-day workshop is designed for those wanting to understand how their home works. Maybe you have just moved into your new home, or boughtyour first house, and want to understand a bit more about how things work.

We’ll show you how to deal with electrical & plumbing emergencies, such as a tripping Fuse box or sudden leak.

You will gain the confidence to know when to deal with issues yourself, and when to call in the professionals.

Confidence with Power Tools

This practical workshop will introduce you to a range of different power tools. We will explain their safe use and give you plenty of time to practise, teaching you tips and tricks along the way.

We want you to end the course feeling far more confident in using power tools at home.

"Saw-sational" Skills

This half-day workshop introduces you to the skills around sawing. We will cover accurate sawing by hand, as well as with coping saws.

We will then progress on to learning how to use Cordless Jigsaws and Circular Saws safely & effectively.

This will be a very hands-on workshop, with lots of practice to learn and perfect these essential new skills

Kitchen Fitting

If you are planning to fit your own Kitchen, we are running a day long introduction to Kitchen fitting. This will include aspects of pre-planning, so it would be good to come on the course while you are at the planning stage.

Intermediate DIY

This Full-day Workshop is designed for those who have attended the Beginners DIY Course, or who already have some DIY experience, and have confidence in their ability to use basic DIY Tools.

We will cover more complicated DIY tasks and use a wider range of tools.

If there are particular skill or project areas you would like covered in the course, please let us know, and we will try to include them in the workshop.

Multi-skills Taster Workshop

This is a week-long course. It is aimed at people considering a career in one of the Trades, as well as people wanting to know more about different skill areas. We will spend a day on each skill area. We assume that participants have little or no practical experience.There will be lots of opportunities to try out new skills and build confidence in using tools.

Handyperson Course

This is a week-long course. It is aimed at people considering a career as a Handyperson. We will spend a day on each skill area. We assume that participants have some previous practical experience, and want to build on that.

Bathroom Fitting

If you want to fit your own Bathroom, we are running a day long introduction to Bathroom fitting. This will include a fair amount of help with planning layouts and services,  so it would be good to come on the course before you start your project

Other Services

1 to 1 Projects

If you are interested in having some 1 to 1 support with a project that you are working on, then we can provide that for you. 

Tailored Workshops

We are able to tailor workshops to suit the needs of customers. If you are an organisation interested in developing practical skills for clients, then we can set up a workshop to suit your needs.

Drop-in Sessions

We will be running some free drop-in sessions for people wanting to discuss thir ongoing projects. Feel free to bring your plans, or ongoing projects in to the Workshop, and we will help you work through the problems