Nailing-it! – DIY Fundamentals

Nailing-it! – DIY Fundamentals

Duration: ½ Day

Price: £65

This half-day Nailing it! DIY Fundamentals course is for the complete DIY beginner who would love to know more about how to do DIY at home. So many people tell us that they feel they ought to be able to do practical DIY around their homes, but don’t know where to start. Well, we feel that this is the best place to start.

What you will learn…

The aim of this DIY course is to introduce you to a range of essential hand tools. These will become the basis of your own tool kit at home.

You will be able to try out different tools and be shown how to use them correctly & safely. This will allow you to choose the kind of tools that you feel comfortable using. Its too easy to buy a shiny new  DIY tool, only to get home to find that it is too heavy, or too difficult to use. By giving you the opportunity to try some different DIY tools out, we hope that we will help you to avoid doing this.

We will also introduce you to some cordless drills & drivers. We will show you a range of makes and models, so that you can find the ones that suit you best.

As with all our DIY courses, we want you to finish the day, feeling that your DIY confidence and knowledge has grown.

What next?

We see Nailing it! as our entry-level DIY course. It will give you the necessary Hands-on DIY knowledge and skills to go on to any of our other DIY courses. Our  Drill down into Drilling course, directly follows on from this course, by building on the introduction to drills and drivers at the end of Nailing it!

You will also feel confident enough to join one of our DIY Clubs, and get as much out of the experience of practical collabration that they offer.

Above all, we feel confident that you will go home with renewed confidence about your practical abilities, and raring to get on with some DIY tasks at home. 

Saw-sational Skills Workshop

Saw-sational Skills Workshop

Saw-sational Skills Workshop

As participants on our Nailing it! DIY Fundamentals Course will tell you, sawing is trickier than you think.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bicycle, but it can take a little time to get the technique right.

There are many different types of saw. We will be concentrating on the saws which we think the DIYer is most likely to use. 

What you will learn…

On this Saw-sational Skills course we introduce you to different ways of cutting wood. We help you learn to choose the right sawing technique for the right circumstances.

Sawing by hand…

We will start with some hand sawing, including an introduction to cutting accurately with a coping saw. These are really useful skills when fitting Skirting Board, or scribing shelves and end panels.

Then we will progress onto introducing you to using cordless jigsaws and circular saws.

Cordless Jigsaws…

Jigsaws are extremely useful tools for the DIYer, but they are also difficult to get accurate results with.

We will teach you some simple techniques, and then give you lots of practice, so that you leave the course feeling much more confident in choosing and using a jigsaw, and getting accurate results on your DIY projects at home.

Circular Saws…

Lastly we will introduce you to using basic circular saws. These versatile saws can be extremely helpful in your DIY projects. However, they can initially appear to be a little intimidating. We will teach you how to use them safely, and show you techniques for getting the best out of them.