Learn DIY at Home

Learn DIY in your own  home.

DIY Assist starts in June 2024. We bring DIY Learning into your Home.  bePractical-DIY comes to you. We help you with DIY projects in your home.

We teach you the skills that you need in order for you to finish the DIY projects  yourself. You can go on to use your new skills on more DIY projects in your home.

DIY Assist is all about building your DIY confidence. You learn DIY. We support you in your Home.

How it works

Scenario 1 – The Long DIY List

Ok, we all have one of those…….

So you have the list of jobs to get through. None of them seems particularly big. But you’re struggling to find a Tradesperson to come and sort them for you.

Actually, you feel you ought to be able to do them yourself. The problem is you’re not sure where to start; what materials/tools/knowledge you might need.

This is where DIY Assist can help.

We can help you work through the jobs list and get you started.

We can suggest different approaches and work through the solutions with you,

We have a range of fixings, tools etc with us, so you don’t have to provide your own.

At the end of the day, you will have FIVE things…

  • Ticks on your jobs list
  • Plans for other jobs on the list
  • Newly acquired DIY skills
  • Lots more DIY knowledge
  • And most important of all..... Loads of DIY Confidence.

Scenario 2 – A new Kitchen

You want a new Kitchen, but know it can cost an arm and a leg. You’ve been to IKEA (substitute any one a number of Kitchen supply companies). You have your plans.

Ideally you wanted to fit the Kitchen yourself, but know that that’s tall order, (whatever the helpful online videos you have watched say). You also know that there will be some electrical/plumbing work needing to be done as part of the project. Maybe it all seems a bit too much to take on.

This is where DIY Assist comes in

We can be involved at any stage/stages of the project. You pay bePractical their normal day rate, as you would any Tradesperson. Instead of us just carrying out the installation, we work alongside you, installing the kitchen together, teaching you how to do it yourself. We give you the knowledge & skills to progress the project on your own.

You can call us back to assist or teach when you need us, or we can schedule times in (depending on how organised you feel). 

Not only will you get your kitchen how you want it at the end of the project, but you will know that you did it yourself.

  • You will have learnt transferrable DIY skills
  • You will have build your own Kitchen
  • You will have built your DIY Confidence
  • AND you will have saved yourself money in the process

Scenario 3 – Any DIY Project you like….

Please don’t limit your projects to these 2 scenarios. We can help you with a whole range of projects, from putting up a pictre to installing decking.

Just send us a message using the link, and we’ll get back in touch. 

What does it cost?

Ultimately the cost will be dictated by you. DIY Assist costs the same as having another  Tradesperson in your home. You are just getting the added benefit of learning DIY in your own home. 

While we are working with you in your home, you will pay for our time, in the same way that you would pay for any other Tradesperson.

It will be entirely up to you how much you want to have us involved in your project. You may just want us there to help you get started, or you may want to call us in as you need us, or at different stages of the project. We leave it to you to make that decision.


Initial Consultation

We recommend, particuarly before larger projects start, that you call us in for an initial consultation meeting, where we can go through all your plans, and see the project in situ. This isn’t really necessary if we are working through a list of smaller jobs.

This initial consultation should only take a couple of hours, but could take longer if the plans are quite involved, or there are a lot of aspects to discuss. Its entirely up to you whether you want to have an initial consulataion. No pressure from us at all. 

A two-hour initial consulation would cost £70 +VAT

Just one thing.....

If you are just looking for a Tradesperson to carry out the work for you, then DIY Assist is probably not for you.

DIY Assist, and bePractical DIY are all about empowering people with practical skills, working together. We want you to learn DIY skills  in your home, with our support. 


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