Learn DIY Plumbing Skills

Do you fancy understanding how plumbing works in your home? Our DIY Plumbing Courses will save you money. Not only will you learn how to find potential plumbing issues in your home, you will also gain useful skills in order to resolve them. 

We think that learning DIY Plumbing Skills is really helpful. You may not think that plumbing is for you. However, our Essential Plumbing for Beginners Course is exactly that.

You will learn somuch useful information that could potentially save you a lot of money. Knowing how to deal with a Plumbing Emergency could be essential DIY knowledge.

At the very least you will learn how to talk to Tradespeople when they carry out work for you. You willlearn the lingo and understand  what you can expect from them.

We are currently running TWO half-day Plumbing Courses, and three Bitesize Plumbing Courses. 

Half-day Plumbing Courses

Essential Home Plumbing

Learn how plumbing works in your home. Discover how to prevent & deal with a Plumbing Emergency. We are very confident that this course will save you money.



More Essential Plumbing

Learn to deal with leaking taps, traps & wastes. Build on Essential Plumbing and discover how to deal with common DIY Plumbing issues in your Home.



Bitesize-Plumbing Courses

For those of you who don’t have the time for a half-day course, we are runnng short 2-hour long courses designed to help you get started on your DIY Journey.

Some Bitesize DIY Courses are designed for the Complete DIY Beginner. These will give you an introduction to essential DIY Skills & Knowledge.

Our Intermedate Bitesize Courses,  need a little more DIY Confidence. If you already have some DIY Experience or have attended our Essential Plumbing for Beginners or Nailing it! Courses, the Intermediate Bitesize Courses will be for you.

Dealing with Leaking Taps

Learn how to deal with a common problem – Leaking Taps. Discover just how easy it is to repair or replace a leaking tap.



Plumbing 101

Learn how Plumbing works in your home. Know how to safely turn off your Water Supply in an emergency. Understand how to prevent and deal with common Plumbing Issues.



DIY Sealant

Learn how to seal your Bath or Shower successfully. Save yourself money. Lots of useful Tips & Tricks for this tricky DIY project.




Start Your DIY Journey Today

Ready to transform your home and skills? Enroll in one of our courses today and begin your journey to becoming a DIY expert.