About bePractical DIY

Caroline - DIY Teacher

Caroline, who runs bePractical DIY, has been working as a Tradesperson in Bristol for many years. 

She has been running a team of like-minded Tradeswomen, called Practical Women.

They have been providing, electrical, plumbing, kitchen & bathroom fitting, as well as general maintenance skills to domestic customers in and around Bristol for many years.

bePractical DIY was born out of conversations with customers who were wanting to learn DIY Skills


Caroline Teaching DIY Skills

Many of our customers have told us that they would love to learn some practical skills, so that they can carry out DIY tasks in their homes. Often they have been afraid about starting a DIY project, in case they make a mistake, or something goes wrong, and they can’t put it right. 

Women have told us of difficult experiences they have had with tradespeople in their homes. They have been unsure about the work being carried out, but have not felt that they had the confidence or knowledge to challenge the situation.  As a result of  these bad experiences, they have lost trust in tradespeople in general.

Often customers have told us that if they had more knowledge and experience themselves, they would be in a stronger position to understand the work being carried out in their homes. They would then have the confidence to ask more questions and build a more collaborative relationship with the tradespeople, and achieve much more satisfactory outcomes.

This is where bePractical DIY is going to make a difference….

Watching a YouTube video can be a great help, but they don’t always show you what to do if things don’t go according to plan. They also can’t teach you what DIY should feel like. 

bePractical-DIy is filling that gap.

We give you the opportunity to learn the DIY skills you want to learn by doing them. Lots of hands-on practice builds confidence, and that leads onto so many more things.

While you’re getting lots of practical experience, you’re also gaining lots of useful knowledge, so that you understand how things work. 

This puts you in a really strong position when you are talking to Tradespeople in your own home. You know what you are asking for. You know the language to use, and you are more confident in standing your ground. 

bePractical DIY offers so much more…

We give you ongoing support in your projects. We have already supported everal customers over WhatsApp Video, email, and phone.

We run DIY Clubs where you can come and practise the skills you need for DIY projects you are working on at home.

We also offer a new service called DIY Assist, where we come to you in your home, and help you with your projects, while you learn. Like having a Tradesperson in your home, but better, because you are learning DIY skills at the same time.


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What our customers say…

What our customers say….

Getting Here

We are based on Brislington Hill.  There is free parking behind the Workshop, for those wanting to drive.


X39/39 – Bristol Bus Station  to Bath City Centre (via Temple Meads)

96  – Hengrove Park to Brislington Sq/West Town Lidl

178 – Bristol to Radstock

349 – Bristol Bus Station to Keynsham (via Temple Meads)

435 – Bristol to Keynsham

514 – Brislington

668 – Bristol to Peasedown St John

A4 – Airdecker (Bristol Airport to Bath)

Voi & Big Issue Bikes

Both can be taken to Brislington Hill