Drill down into Drilling

(100% more exciting than it sounds)

Price: £65

Duration: Half Day

Beginners DIY

We feel that this is one of our most DIY-confidence-building courses. It follows on from the skills gained in our Nailing it! DIY Fundamentals workshop.

Many people are worried about using a drill. They are powerful DIY tools, and need to be treated with respect. However, they are also very useful, and essential for many projects.

There is also a wide range of different types, sizes & weights of drill, designed for different uses. It can be very confusing.

The Drill down into Drilling DIY workshops aims to remove all that confusion. We will introduce you to a number of different drills, suitable for DIY projects. We will show you how to use them safely and effectively.

You will have plenty of opportunity to practise with them. Its important that you find the types of drill that you feel confident with, so that you can use them safely in DIY projects at home.

By the end of the course you will feel confident to go home and start using a Drill in your own DIY projects.

In this hands-on DIY course, we will cover all these exciting topics:

  • Choosing the right Drill for the project
  • Understanding different types of material, and how they need to be treated.
  • Knowing where not to drill
  • Using drills safely & effectively
  • The list goes on......

At the end of the day, you will have tried out many different types and makes of drill. You will know how to select the right drill bit and fixing for your DIY project. Above all, your confidence will have grown enormously so that you can go home and start tackling your own DIY projects.

If you already have your own drill at home, and want to bring it with you to the course, so that you can build your confidence with using it, please feel free to bring it with you. 

What’s included?

  • All tools & materials
  • Tea, coffee & soft drinks
  • There will be short comfort breaks throughout the session. Please feel free to bring snacks/food with you

Important Information

We will provide you with the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), however, we would strongly recommend that you wear old clothes and strong shoes for the session. This is a practical, hands-on course.
Please see our Workshop terms and conditions, for more information.

Find bePractical DIY Workshop

There is free parking to the rear of our workshop, accessed from Glenarm Walk. What Three Words: ///gosh.calls.straw

Access to the the bePractical DIY Workshop is via the front door, in the  Brislington Hill parade of shops. The shop has been been cunningly hidden behind the large  scaffolding installation currently surrounding Gilton House. Head towards St Peter’s Hospice Shop, and you will see  bePractical just on the left, behind the scaffolding.  ///free.saints.store


Getting to bePractical DIY Courses by Public Transport
by Bus

X39/39 – Bristol Bus Station  to Bath City Centre (via Temple Meads)
96  –  Hengrove Park to Brislington Sq/West Town Lidl
178 –  Bristol to Radstock
349 – Bristol Bus Station to Keynsham (via Temple Meads)
435 –  Bristol to Keynsham
514 –  Brislington
668 – Bristol to Peasedown St John
A4 –    Airdecker (Bristol Airport to Bath)

Voi & Big Issue Bikes

Both can be taken to Brislington Hill