Nailing it! DIY for Beginners

This half-day DIY course is for the complete DIY beginner who would love to know more about how to do DIY at home.

  • Do you have a DIY jobs list?
  • Do you feel that you ought to be able to tackle the DIY jobs on the list, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you worried about using a drill?
  • Does fear of making mistakes, and not being able to sort them out, stop you getting started on DIY projects?

Well, this DIY Course may help you solve all those issues

We will…….
  • Introduce you to essential hand tools for DIY projects. You'll learn how to use them safely & effectively
  • Teach you to use battery-operated drills and drill drivers. You will have lots of hands-on practice.
  • Help you start to build your own DIY tool kit.
  • Show you how to plan a DIY project & take the first steps
  • Build your DIY confidence with lots of hands-on practice in a safe-learning environment.

We will provide all materials, tools etc. However, if you want to bring along your own tools, ongoing projects etc. then feel free to do so.

We also have hot drinks – tea, coffee etc. Feel free to bring your own additional refreshments, if you want to.

What to bring…….

We recommend wearing old clothing, and sturdy shoes.
If you would like to bring your own PPE (Personal Protectve Equipment), please feel free to do so. We will proide PPE, but we know that some people would prefer to use their own. (We recommend that you mark them up with your names, so that you can identify them)

Find bePractical DIY Workshop

Access to the the bePractical DIY Workshop is via the front door, in the  Brislington Hill parade of shops. The shop has been been cunningly hidden behind the large  scaffolding installation currently surrounding Gilton House. Head towards St Peter’s Hospice Shop, and you will see  bePractical DIY Workshop just on the left, behind the scaffolding.

There is free parking to the rear of our DIY workshop, accessed from Glenarm Walk.

What Three Words: ///gosh.calls.straw

Getting to bePractical DIY Courses by Public Transport
by Bus

X39/39 – Bristol Bus Station  to Bath City Centre (via Temple Meads)
96  –  Hengrove Park to Brislington Sq/West Town Lidl
178 –  Bristol to Radstock
349 – Bristol Bus Station to Keynsham (via Temple Meads)
435 –  Bristol to Keynsham
514 –  Brislington
668 – Bristol to Peasedown St John
A4 –    Airdecker (Bristol Airport to Bath)


Can be taken to Brislington Hill

There are no upcoming workshops at this time

Join a DIY Club…….

Why not join one of our DIY clubs and practise your newly-learnt skills? Time and space to improve at your own pace, using our tools and materials. 

Tuesday Evening DIY Club

Starting 16th January 2024

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Running until 13th February

Women-only DIY Club

Wednesday Evenings

Starting 17th January 2024

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Running until 14th February